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Start Date13 Nov 2019
Number of Days1
Time08:30 to 11:30
VenueJCC House 1
Address7th Floor
JCC House
Empire Road
Member Price (VAT inc)R 399
Non-Member Price (VAT inc)R 599


business breakfast presented by JCCI in collaboration with AFRICA HOUSE

Business confidence remains fragile in South Africa, with many sectors of the domestic economy
facing an 
uncertain 2020.  However, many other African countries continue to grow at rates of 5%
or more a year and 
economies are expanding both in terms of sectors and size. This has been
underscored by a number of 
mega-project announcements that will transform not just the
recipient countries, but regional economies 
over the next decade as they develop. In addition to
this, the growing number of cities in Africa and the 
requirements to meet the needs of a new
generation of urban dwellers offers a vast range of opportunities for companies that have
products, services and the drive to exploit these opportunities.

The Africa 20-20 Vision business briefing takes a look at the political, economic and business
trends, as well 
as development hotspots that can be expected to drive business in the region in
2020 and beyond.  It will 
also examine how companies can engage with the rest of the region,
where the opportunities are and what 
needs to be done to unlock them.

Event coordinator: Nqobile Maphanga,



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