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World Class Interactive 2 Day Conference 
(with an additional practical innovation workshop on the 20th September)

18 - 19 SEPTEMBER 2019

The Keynote International Speaker, 
(a keynote speaker for TEDx, and a sought-after international presenter)
Brant Cooper 

is the New York Times best-selling author of The Lean Entrepreneur, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development, and The Lean Brand. Brant has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe, educating, enabling, and empowering teams to be closer to the customer, move faster, and act bolder. 

Brant will present on:

  • The Myth of the Visionary - Using lean innovation principles — Empathy, Experiments, and Evidence — anyone willing to hustle, persevere, and act boldly can “learn” their way to success.
  • Value Stream Discovery - One key aspect of Lean Innovation is exposing assumptions underlying product lifecycles and rapid experimenting to validate or invalidate those assumptions. But how do you expose those assumptions? How do you know what to test, what to measure and where to focus your energy?

    Your Value Stream is comprised of all the activities your business must do to create and deliver value. Value Stream Discovery is a framework for systematically searching, discovering, and adapting throughout a business model, to find growth. It helps you understand where to focus to have the biggest impact and establishes a dashboard to measure your progress.

    In this workshop, Brant Cooper, will walk you through how to supercharge your growth strategy, reduce waste, and drive bigger impact.
  • Lean Innovation in the Enterprise - What we've learned, what are current “best practices”, and where are we headed.

In addition, there will be presentations on digital transformation and the 4th Industrial Revolution.
South African case studies and will be shared
Don't forget to book for the additional practical innovation workshop on the
20th September - space limited to 35 places

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